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McKinney Auto Glass Tales

The world is full of wonderful examples of people who succeed against all odds. For example, if you ever have an opportunity to visit McKinney in the northern part of Texas, you will hear the true tale of an immigrant who succeeded where many thought he would fail. The story is about a young man from a migrant class who did not even know how to speak any English. This is what makes the story so remarkable.

This young man decided to do something positive in his life and he began by enrolling in an English class. He had a variety of struggles including working full-time at a low-paying job, being constantly teased by his family and friends, and a limited level of education. However, he was determined to succeed and by the end of the English class, he was one of the top students.

Since he now knew how to communicate in English, he decided that his next step to success would be to learn a trade. There was an opening for an apprentice at McKinney Auto Glass. The owner of the company was a little bit apprehensive because of the man’s limited experience and education. However, the owner admired the man’s determination and therefore hired him as an apprentice.

After a very short period of time this energetic young man became very well acquainted with all aspects of the auto glass industry. The owner was able to take long vacations and leave this young man completely in charge of the business. As the owner was an older man, one day he decided to sell the business and retire.

The young apprentice really wanted to purchase the business but he did not have enough cash. However, the owner knew that the young man would be an excellent person to carry on the fine reputation that over the years McKinney Auto Glass had earned. He decided to sell the business to this young, enterprising man. He told the young man that he did not need to pay any money down for the business but rather pay in monthly installments. This would help the original owner with a steady monthly income during his retirement.

Can you imagine the excitement that this young apprentice had when discovering that he could purchase this profitable, established company? Yes, dreams can come true even if you are someone with very little education or someone who does not speak the local dialect.